Our Leadership

Hawaiian Housing Initiative was founded by a group of people with widely varied backgrounds. It is this mix and breadth of knowledge and experience that has created the creative, collaborative, and innovative approach to housing that characterizes the organization.

Margot Robinson had a consulting company on the mainland for 25 years. She and her associates collaborated with helping employees from Fortune 100 Corporations become the best employees they could be. She is the author of three books, received numerous awards for her life changing workshops and since a child, had a deep desire for helping the underdog. Today, as the President of Hawaiian Housing Initiative (HHI), that desire to assist the underdog continues. She created HHI to help build affordable housing for the people who live in the state of Hawaii. She wants to “make aloha attainable” for all the brothers and sisters who reside here.

Reed Morelli is an adventurous entrepreneur currently living and creating on the Big Island of Hawaii. His exploits started with an importing business that frequently required over-seas travel to the United Arab Emirates and Oman where he was able to hone his skills as a negotiator and delve into international finance and investment management. From a young age he has always been very passionate about hiking and the outdoors and found inspiration on the Big Island as place to make his home and further his other passions of creating advances in renewable energy, sustainable building practices and smart agriculture. As the Treasurer of HHI, he has the privilege of working with like-minded individuals who aspire to improve and innovate within this beautiful community and to create a better Hawaii for the people living and working here.

Karl Stasik, the secretary of HHI, studied international business and Arabic studies at the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Being a driven individual from a young age, he started his first business at nineteen and frequently traveled between the Middle East and the United States in his early twenties. Being an advocate of sustainability and self-preservation, some of his favorite hobbies include horticulture and aquaponics and Karl is no stranger to the construction industry and the off-grid lifestyle. For years he was highly involved in solar/electrical contracting in the Hilo and Puna area where he gained vast knowledge in both the interpersonal and technical elements of the trade. The Big Island is a unique place for business and he has taken his experience to further HHI and his other current businesses in Hilo.

Bruce Pratt is a partner in Holomua Properties, a residential rehabilitation firm. Bruce became interested in affordable housing as he saw how many homeowners were forced into foreclosure in the last economic downturn. He has also become active in working to shelter the homeless. Bruce spent twenty years in the computer industry as a programmer/analyst and consultant before becoming an ordained pastor. He is currently the senior pastor at Kona Coast Fellowship. His background drives Bruce to find solutions to problems while always remembering the human element. A licensed real estate agent, Bruce and his wife Khristine live in Kailua-Kona.